Friday, June 5, 2009

The court freed a suspect in the assassination of the journalist Saratov.

SyuzhetyPokushenie director of Saratov on the media "Vision" 27.05.2009Podozrevaemomu in the attack on Vadim Rogozhina extended arestaSaratovsky Regional Court on 5 June freed from detention by Vitaly Pavlov, who is suspected in the attack on the Director General of the Saratov media holding "Sight", a journalist Vadim Rogozhina, sends agency Interfax.

Earlier Volga Saratov district court extended the detention until July 28, but in the Saratov regional court found that the trial court did not adequately considered the legality of the detention Vitaly Pavlov.

It is noted that the decision on the extension of detention was issued on charges of illegally acquiring and possessing weapons and drugs, while the original ruling on the arrest was made on suspicion of committing crimes against Rogozhina.

Attempt to Vadim Rogozhina was committed 5 March 2009 in Saratov. The victim was operated on, but more than two weeks was unconscious. May 26 Rogozhina was released from the hospital. It is noted that in the near future it will work.

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