Saturday, June 6, 2009

Susan Boyle discharged from the clinic.

Housewife Susan Boyle (Susan Boyle), won fame through the TV "Britain's Got Talent" ( "Britain is looking for talent"), on Friday, June 5, left the clinic, reported AFP.

48-year-old Boyle has been hospitalized in a London clinic on May 31. Then, it was reported that a member TV "nervous breakdown". Boyle was taken to hospital from the hotel in London the next day after she lost in the finals of TV dance group "Diversity". Housewife from Scotland, was considered the main pretendentkoy to win "Britain's Got Talent", but the audience had it only for second place.

World popularity came to Susan Boyle, after taking part in the first round of "Britain's Got Talent". Video presentations Boyle singing song "I Dreamed A Dream" from the musical "Les Miserables" ( "The excluded"), became a hit on YouTube.

Despite the fact that in the final of TV victory inherited rivals Boyle, a housewife from Scotland, according to British media, in the near future will be able to earn several million pounds on the release of the album, autobiography and through participation in various television programs. The winner of "Britain's Got Talent" receives monetary compensation in the amount of 100 thousand pounds sterling, as well as the right to speak at a concert in the presence of British Queen Elizabeth II.

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