Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Arrested journalists Ahmadinejad opponent.

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   Iran arrested 25 staff members newspapers Kalameh Sabz, owned lost the election on 12 June Presidential candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi. On this June 24, AFP said, citing one of the editors of the publication.
Open Musawi, shortly before the election, the newspaper Kalameh Sabz was closed by the authorities shortly after the country began protests of the opposition who are unhappy re Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to a new presidential term.
June 22, according to the source of AFP, were arrested without a warrant, many members of the publication. Among the 25 detainees have 5-6 administrative staff. Others arrested were journalists. According to the source, June 23 at the free release of five female detainees. 20 people remain in prison.
Iranian opposition does not agree with the official results of presidential elections. According to the opposition, the elections are not won by Ahmadinejad, but Moussaoui. Supporters Moussaoui is accused of violations of power and manipulation. After the outbreak of protests authorities agreed to re-vote in some areas, but the recount did not change the initial findings.
Officially, the unrest in Iran killed 17 people, according to unofficial - 150. June 24, one lost the election of candidates, Mohsen Rezai, has announced that renounces its claims to the results of the vote. According to Rezai, a settlement to the country's precarious situation, it is important elections.
As the number of detainees during the disturbances people have already got more than one journalist. Were subjected to arrests including the correspondents of foreign publications - such as The Washington Times and Newsweek. The authorities have banned foreign journalists to cover the unauthorized protests and increased pressure on local media.

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