Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lieutenant Georgian army has asked for political asylum in Russia.

Georgian soldier Aliq Bzhaniya on June 18, said in a live radio station "Echo of Moscow", which asked the Russian authorities for political asylum.
According to the Georgian army lieutenant, he served in the frontier troops and in May 2009, fled Abkhazia, which appealed to the Russian border with a request for asylum. Bzhaniya explained that the Russian officers brought him to the car from Abkhazia in Moscow. According to Lieutenant General in Moscow allowed him to stay at home with a friend, but was advised not to leave the apartment.
On that broadcast radio will be an interview with "Glukhova vice versa," said Day on June 18, the chief editor of Echo of Moscow "Alexei Venediktov. Then Venediktov told us that the editors went with a man who called the officer of the Georgian army and announced the intention to ask for political asylum in Russia.
Alexei Venediktov not rule out that the history of Georgian defector could be a provocation.
In early 2009, a Russian soldier Alexander Glukhov autocratically left part of the military in South Ossetia and asked for political asylum in Georgia. The authorities granted him refugee status, while in Russia to Glukhova brought the case of desertion.

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