Friday, June 12, 2009

Alexander Lebedev has refuted allegations of intent to buy The Independent.

The businessman Alexander Lebedev has refuted reports that he allegedly engaged in discussions about buying the British newspaper The Independent, sends Russian Service BBC News. He said that no negotiations are not conducted, and stressed that this message is ridiculous to even comment.
The fact that Lebedev intends to buy The Independent at the publishing house Independent News & Media, the newspaper reported June 12, The Wall Street Journal referring to sources familiar with the situation. The publication noted that there is no confidence in the success of the negotiations.
In turn, The Times reported that it was buying The Independent and The Independent on Sunday, but talks are already about a year with varying success. The Times journalists Lebedev refused to give comments.
Lebedev already controls one of the British newspapers. At the beginning of the year he bought a 75.1 per cent of Evening Standard. According to media reports, the purchase cost of a businessman in the 8.3 million pounds sterling. A few days before the transaction representatives Lebedev refuted allegations of purchasing the edition.

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