Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Against the former Glavred Samara "Novaya Gazeta" brought another criminal case.

Against the former chief editor of the Samara "Novaya Gazeta", the director of "Samara newspaper Sergei Kurt-Adzhieva prosecuted, Interfax reports.
The investigating committee, in the prosecutor's office suspects a journalist in Russia infringement of copyright and related rights.
According to the investigation, the source of "Interfax" in the Investigations Committee, the journalist has used the work "Samara newspaper infringing software. February 17, 2009 the newspaper was published in unfinished form, after officers seized GUVD Samara Oblast editorial computers.
The Agency said that to Kurt-Adzhieva already instituted a similar criminal case in 2007, then reported that unlicensed software used Samara edition of "Novaya Gazeta".
From the editorial offices were seized equipment edition was discontinued. In July 2008 the Court recognized Kurt-Adzhieva guilty in the case and fined for 15 thousand rubles. The journalist appealed the decision of the court.
It is now up to "the Independent newspaper demanded to close the city prosecutor's office, argues Kurt-Adzhiev. He noted that the investigator "did not intend to comply with the requirement prosecutors.
Note that the persecution of journalists by law enforcement began in May 2007, the eve of the Samara "Marsha disagree" on the occasion of holding the summit in Samara Oblast 'Russia-EU relations. " Then one of the organizers of the march was made by the daughter of S. Anastasia Kurt-Adzhieva.

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