Saturday, June 13, 2009

The publisher went bankrupt Russian-language newspaper in Estonia.

Estonian Russian-language publisher of the newspaper "News of the day" on 12 June was officially recognized as bankrupt, Interfax reports.
Bankrupt fund Jüri Vilmsa (Juri Vilmsa) issued not only the "To Day", which are positioned as the only opposition to Russian-language newspaper in Estonia, and Estonian-language newspaper "Kesknadal", which is now engaged in production of another publisher.
Exit newspaper News of the day "stopped in the middle of April 2009. Publishers explain this difficult financial situation and the reduction of the advertising market.
In addition, with respect to the Fund Jüri Vilmsa criminal proceedings were instituted: the organization was suspected of illegal activities by means of a centrist party in Estonia. But journalists "Vesty of the day" attacks linked to the nature of opposition publications.
Currently, Estonia is a newspaper in Russian: Russian-language version of this edition of "Postimees".

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