Monday, June 22, 2009

He was the "New Petersburg" was acquitted of extremism.

St. Petersburg court acquitted one of the authors and founders of the newspaper "Novy Peterburg" Nicholas Andrushchenko of appeals for extremist activity, inciting national or religious hatred, and libel against government officials. Reported "Lenizdat.Ru" with reference to the decision of Dzerzhinsky Court.
Andrushchenko lived for the most part, the charges could not find his actions constitute an offense. However, it was found guilty of writing a publication containing calls for incitement of social hatred towards law enforcement and public insult to a gosvlasti.
For inciting social discord Andrushchenko was sentenced to one year suspended imprisonment. However, in connection with the lapse of time it immediately freed from punishment. For public insult prosecutors Petersburg journalist nominated a fine of 20 thousand rubles.
The criminal case against Andrushchenko was initiated in autumn 2007. He was charged with obstruction of justice and slander. At the same time Rosohrankultura rendered "New Petersburg" two warnings on the inadmissibility of extremist activity in connection with the issue than the newspaper had been suspended.
The attention of officials caught two articles: "Why did we go to the march of dissent" Nicholas Andrushchenko and "Here's a real candidate" Constantine Chernyaeva, which saw Rosohrankultura extremist appeals. Later the St. Petersburg City Court refused to meet Rosohrankulture action on the closure of newspapers, after which the newspaper was suspended.

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