Thursday, June 18, 2009

Company RBC lost direct control over the channel RBC-TV.

Company RBC lost direct control over the channel RBC-TV and news agencies RBC. This writes the newspaper "Vedomosti".
According to the share of "RBC Information Systems", the RBC-TV has declined from 100 to 0 per cent, "RBC and RBC Holding" - from 100 to 20 per cent.
In RBC assure that the assets remain in the group, but were handed over to the Russian "daughter" of RBC, which reveal the name of the holding is not wanted. Representatives of the company stated that this is the first step aimed at bringing the structure of RBC in line with the requirements of lenders. In doing so, the creditors said the company "Vedomosti" that initiated the transfer of assets was the management of RBC. The publication notes that the assets of RBC should be secured by the company restructured debt.
By April RBC debt was 220 million dollars. In early June, the holding was not able to repay the loan notes of more than 40 million dollars. Approved RBC debt restructuring scheme involves the payment of 25 per cent of the debt until 2012, while the remaining 75 per cent - up to 2014.
Holding RBC is in financial difficulty has been the fall of 2008 - a period of growing economic crisis in Russia. In October, it was reported that the search has begun holding a strategic investor, to support growth in the company. In mid-February it became known that the creditor banks go to court to recover debts from RBC.

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