Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Parliament of Kazakhstan has strengthened control over the Internet.

Kazakhstan Parliament finally passed a law equates the Internet edition of the media, said "KazTAG. Majilis (lower chamber) agreed with the amendments proposed by the Senate (upper house). The bill has passed the necessary coordination and now aims to be signed by the president.
The new rules tighten the requirements for all Internet resources (including information portals, forums and blogs.) They would extend criminal and administrative law governing the activities of traditional media.
In addition, the bill provides for judicial proceedings against the foreign media (including online publications), which is in Kazakhstan. The Court in this case, as noted, will be held "in the location of the applicant and without the participation of the defendant."
Against the bill were Internet users and human rights organizations. In their view, the new rules can be a powerful tool of censorship, which would allow authorities to block unwanted Internet resources.
Earlier in the bill, according to the agency, was also a rule that gives the right of the prosecutor's office to suspend production media to a court decision (if the prosecutor's office decides that the contents of this publication does not comply with the legislation). However, this still was removed from the bill.

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