Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blavatnik declined to rescue the sports channel Setanta.

The company Access Industries Leonard Blavatnik refused to buy 51 percent stake in the Irish sports channel Setanta, reports The Wall Street Journal. Earlier Blavatnik offered to buy a controlling stake in television for 20 million pounds sterling.
Communication Access Industries was followed, after the English soccer Premier League (AFPL) severed the contract with Setanta. Previously, the TV has acquired the right to show football matches AFPL in the season 2009-2010, but was unable to recruit a sufficient number of subscribers and has been threatened with bankruptcy. June 19, Setanta was AFPL transfer 10 million pounds from 30, the contract with the Premier League.
Previously, Setanta was unable to pay the Scottish Premier League 3 million pounds to show its games.
TV channel Setanta is not free. In addition to football, the channel broadcasts cricket competitions, golf and rugby. He has 1.2 million subscribers, but only 60 per cent of the amount that is required. Each year, Setanta loses about 100 million pounds. Total debt of publication estimates at 500 million pounds.
Access Industries is already owned by British company, Top Up TV, which offers pay television services, including broadcast programming channel Setanta Sports.

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