Monday, June 8, 2009

In Kyrgyzstan, journalist beaten by the largest opposition newspaper.

Bishkek, opposition journalist beaten Abduvahab Moniev, IA "Fergana.Ru. Moniev position of deputy chief editor of Achyk Policy "(" Open Policy ") - the largest opposition publications Kyrgyzstan.
According to the agency, shortly before the incident, a journalist with an anonymous phone call, offering to provide some valuable information (as specifically described, it is unknown). When Moniev arrived at the meeting place, he was attacked. As a result, he got to the hospital.
In the editorial view that the attack relates to the profession Abduvahaba Monieva, in particular, with articles that he wrote under a pseudonym.
Meanwhile, a few weeks ago about the newspaper Achyk Policy "broke the scandal associated with the publication of" Who falsifies the Koran? ". Article includes some criticism of Islam, and also contain anti-Semitic remarks (author claimed that "Jews want to destroy the Kyrgyz people").
Article sparked outrage among Muslims of the country. June 5, in particular, more than two thousand Muslims gathered in mosques Jalalabad, had protested against the publication and demanded that the authorities punish those guilty of insulting the Koran. Does the attack on Monieva with this article is unknown.
Newspaper Achyk Policy "was published in the past called" Alibi. " It was renamed in 2008 after having lost a court suit by a nephew of the President of the Republic Asylbek Saliyev and has not paid court-appointed compensation. The main editor is Babyrbek Dzheenbekov, the father of opposition politics Ravshan Dzheenbekova, which previously had been declared in the international search at the request of the Kyrgyz authorities.

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