Wednesday, June 10, 2009

RIA Novosti has offered to put the copyright on the news article.

Agency RIA Novosti has made to the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the bill, giving the copyright to the news and are considered a separate news reports to the product, the right to the use of which may be limited to, the publication " Vedomosti. "

Expected that the Council of Mass Communications at the Ministry will consider the bill June 10. According to the deputy chief editor of RIA Novosti, Leonid Burmistrova, the main purpose of the bill, which is also called "bill of plagiarism" - to end the theft of information messages.

"Every day we have reprinted hundreds of news, and here we are almost powerless - said Burmistrov - because we do not own the rights to your own information product. After all, unlike the news articles are not subject of copyright." With every news message, copied without any reference to RIA Novosti, the agency loses about 2500 rubles.

It is estimated iKS-Consulting, which cause "Vedomosti", in RuNet there are thousands of sites that deal with "kopipeystom news and earn a promotion. If the news reports will be given the status of the item - such as the number of magazine or newspaper - information will be subject to civil rights and the news will be able to determine the conditions of its use.

Meanwhile, some lawyers, the opinion which leads Vedomosti noted that the bill in its current form with the right of citizens to free access to information.

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