Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yuri Antonov otsudil a TV channel "Russia" of 25 thousand rubles.

June 9 Supreme Court upheld the decision of the court of Moscow Simonovsky to recover from channel "Russia" of 25 thousand rubles in favor of the singer and composer Yuri Antonov for copyright infringement, RIA News.
Thus, the Court granted a supervisory complaint musician, but reduced the amount of material and moral damages of almost 300 times: from seven million to 25 thousand rubles.
The subject of the trial was the broadcasting of "Russia" on 9 May 2004 concert in the Kremlin, Yuri Antonov. The plaintiff accused the television channel, was excluded from the concert, seven of the 19 songs in the alterations of his works and a violation of copyright and design director.
In response, representatives from the channel said that under the contract have the right to process the work. In addition, the changes were due to force majeure: the day of broadcast in Chechnya, an attack that killed President Akhmad Kadyrov, so the concert was cut to release the emergency program "Vesti".
Simonovsky court sought to compensate Antonov 25 rubles in 2005, but since then it has been repeatedly challenged and revoked.

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