Tuesday, June 23, 2009

David Bekhem won a court in a British tabloid.

London court ordered the British tabloid The Daily Star to pay compensation to the national team of England football player and "Milan" David Bekhemu for libel. In April this year an article appeared in the newspaper, which stated that Bekhem flirt with Hungarian model Marianne Fogarashi and invited her to a private party, reports Sky News.
April 23, held in Budapest friendly match between Milan and the team all star tournament in Hungary. The newspaper The Daily Star wrote that after the game Bekhem met with Fogarashi and between having close relationships. According to the tabloid, later model footballer sent SMS-message with an invitation to a private party.
Bekhem filed in The Daily Star in court, which ordered the newspaper to pay compensation to an athlete (the amount not specified), and apologize to the player. Counsel Bekhema Dzherrard Tirrell said that the information published in the tabloid, it discredits player.
Sam half England team during the trial was not present.

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