Saturday, June 27, 2009

Q Magazine has published a recent intravital images of Jackson.

KommentariiSmert korolya26.06.2009V Los Angeles has died, Michael DzheksonFotogalereiRemember the time26.06.2009Zhizn Michael Jackson to cover fresh fotografiyahNa number of British music magazine Q has got one of the most recent lifetime of photos of Michael Jackson, who died in Los Angeles on June 25. According to Sky News, Book edition decided to put a portrait of a star on the front pages of even three months ago. Issue of July numbers Q with Jackson on the cover was to anticipate the return of "King of pop" on stage.
The picture smiling 50-year-old singer captured in the large sun glasses. According to the author photo, John Wright (John Wright), to make the photo, he was allocated just 90 seconds. Meanwhile, the photographer pointed out that even in such a short time that he spent close to Jackson, he was fascinated by courtesy and complaisance singer.
"I phoned and was told that Michael Jackson arrived in London, and I should make a picture. You know, he looked like and look like Michael Jackson, just as expected: wavy hair, coat, sunglasses. It shows that in front of the camera, it feels very free, "- told Wright.
According to the chief editor of Q Paul Rees (Paul Rees), work on a number had been completed even two weeks ago, before the July release was sent to press. "When the first reports of the death of Jackson, was already in circulation marketing. We have not had any opportunity to make a number of changes" - said Rice. Thus, the fact that Q was released in July, two days after after the death of Jackson, is a coincidence.
Recall that in mid-July, Jackson was scheduled at the start of a series of concerts at the London O2 Arena. The first of 50 shows was held on 13 July. Tickets for these performances have been bought fans creative artist in a matter of hours.
Michael Jackson has died at the age of 50 years in the medical center at the University of California. Cause and circumstances of the death of the singer will be installed in the next few weeks. An autopsy the body of pop stars, produced on 26 June, found that death from natural causes. No signs of violent death, doctors have not found. A few hours ago, Jackson's body from the morgue took relatives.

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