Thursday, June 4, 2009

Karelia newspaper criticized for translating an article on Medvedev.

The governor of Karelia Sergey Katanandov criticized Petrozavodsk newspaper "Iskra" for publishing a translation of the article Canadian newspaper The Vancouver Sun, dedicated to Russia, President Dmitry Medvedev. Reported "Novaya Gazeta".
The original article was published in The Vancouver Sun newspaper in its issue of 8 May under the heading "Dmitry Medvedev's underwhelming year as lapdog". Writes "Novaya Gazeta", about a week ago, this story appeared in "Spark" under the heading "Dmitry Medvedev held a bad year as a lap-dog." The translation was published on the strip "enemy voices."
Later Katanandov appealed to the chief editor of "Sparks" and the publication of the journalists: "Why are you behind the dirty foreign libel so dismissive talk of a popularly elected leader of our great country? I am afraid that the local so-called opposition journalists in the heat of a series of campaigns ochernitelstva local authorities have lost all orientations, patriotism lost, forgotten their duty to the homeland and citizens. "
Chief editor of "Sparks" Maria Morozova told "Novaya Gazeta" that, in connection with the publication of this article, advertisers were removed from the newspaper advertisements, and some "spots" have refused to distribute the publication. In addition, through its own staff of Karelia Ministry of Internal Affairs was transferred to the requirement Katanandova Administration "to conduct an audit into the damage to the honor and dignity of the President of Russia."
Morozov stressed that, according to the law on mass media, the newspaper is not responsible for the material of other publications.
In an interview with AFP Morozov suggested that pressure on the newspaper is based, most likely, not from the Kremlin, and on the initiative of the regional administration.
Publication of the Canadian newspaper article was timed to coincide with the anniversary of the host Medvedev as President of Russia. It argues that the real power in Russia is concentrated in the hands of the President of the Government of Vladimir Putin and Medvedev himself has done nothing to strengthen their positions. "If Medvedev was a real president, he would be sacked sacked Prime Minister Putin and his work would be entrusted to someone else. But he did not and will not do," - writes author Jonathan Manthorpe (Jonathan Manthorpe).

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