Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Site Charter'97 has been paralyzed by a powerful DDoS-attack.

One of the leading Internet-editions - the opposition website "Charter'97 - blocked due to the powerful DDoS-attack. This is stated in the message received from the Charter'97 "Received Lenty.Ru.
The site was attacked around noon on June 8. Technical Service at the time the resource was able to resume his work. But on the night of June 9, the method of attack was changed, its capacity increased. As a result, as indicated in the message, "the hosting provider was forced to actually turn off the server from the outside world."
Previously, the resource has been subjected to DDoS-attacks. According to the press center Charter'97 ", for the current attempt to block the site facing the Belarusian authorities.
Dissatisfaction with the republic's leadership as a source to create, in particular, the focus of "trade war" between Belarus and Russia, as well as the topic of political prisoners in Belarus.
At the time of this writing, the site "Charter'97 was available, but the latest news was dated June 8.

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