Monday, June 22, 2009

In Iran, a journalist detained by Newsweek.

KommentariiSituatsiya close to revolyutsionnoy16.06.2009Vlasti Iran agreed to review the outcomes against vyborovSyuzhetyOppozitsiya re Ahmadinedzhada21.06.2009V Tehran burned mechetReporter magazine Newsweek, which has Canadian citizenship, was detained on Sunday by Iranian authorities, reported Agence France-Presse with reference to the wording of the statement.
As colleagues Maziyara Bahari (Maziar Bahari), he lived in Iran the past ten years, has successfully collaborated with the Iranian authorities, but his stories always "honesty and balance." Revision Newsweek "strongly deplored" the detention of journalists and called on Iranian authorities to immediately release him. "Capture of innocent journalists is a violation of press freedom in Iran" - the statement stresses.
Meanwhile, agency Associated Press reports that the total from 14 June in Iran were arrested at least 23 local journalists and bloggers. The organization Reporters Without Borders has published their names and demanded that the international community to stop ignoring the situation in Iran.
Remember, earlier on Sunday, the Iranian authorities demanded that the BBC correspondent, John Lyne (John Leyne) left the country within 24 hours. The decision was taken due to the fact that a journalist was allegedly supported the rioters. It is believed the Iranian Foreign Ministry, the public broadcasting company of Great Britain and the United States had two objectives - "blow the ethnic conflict and contribute to the collapse of Iran."
As reported by BBC News, in the past one and a half weeks in Iran, appeared to receive a signal interruption BBC Persian. To cope with these difficulties, the British Broadcasting Corporation has increased over the region the number of satellites that broadcast programs in Farsi.
Unrest in Iran began after the announcement of the results of presidential elections held on 12 June 2009. According to official figures, won by incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but supporters of his main rival Mir-Hossein Mousavi stated that the falsification of the voting results. In connection with the unrest the country's authorities have banned foreign journalists to cover campaigns are not authorized by the Iranian Ministry of Internal Affairs, and increased pressure on local media.

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