Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shares Reuters owner may withdraw from the London Stock Exchange.

The company Thomson Reuters, controlled news agency Reuters, has decided to withdraw their shares from tendering the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and the exchange Nasdaq. That was reported by BBC News. Canada-British media group filed a request to its shareholders. Its shares will remain with the exchanges in New York and Toronto.
This step is done to simplify the structure of the company. In addition, a role played by the fact that the shareholders of the UK owned by only 5 percent of shares of Thomson Reuters. The company is also considering the option of redemption of their shares, if the British shareholders are all the same refuse. BBC News points out that Thomson Reuters has been underestimated in London, which affects the price of its shares on other sites.
Reuters has been established in the 1851 British Paul Julius Reuter. In April 2008, Reuters merged with the Canadian Thomson International. Since then, shares have been posted immediately on the four exchanges.
The voting shareholders of the delisting on the LSE and Nasdaq is scheduled for 7 August 2009.

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