Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ukraine had deferred the registration of "First Channel" for an indefinite period.

The National Broadcasting Council of Ukraine postponed for an indefinite period of registration of "First Channel. The global network", RIA Novosti reported with reference to the statement by deputy head Andrey Miroshnichenko Natssoveta.
According to him, the decision on the "First" and was not accepted due to the fact that Natssovetu not enough for some of the documents.
Miroshnichenko, announced that the registration of the Russian TV channel will be considered after all the members Natssoveta satisfied all the necessary documents. There is, he does not say.
However, Miroshnichenko said that the registration of "First Channel" hinder some controversy in the Ukrainian legislation. According to him, the television channel, subject to the requirement Natssoveta, registered economic subkt that gave him the right to operate in Ukraine.
In doing so, said Miroshnichenko, registering them as a subject of information, we are actually making them in the register of television. "
However, one of the laws, working in TV and Ukraine can not be founded by foreigners, so make a "first" in the roster seem impossible.
At the same time, the registry is not only television and radio, and others information, so perhaps you can.
"We must be 100 percent sure that we act within the law", - has summed up Miroshnichenko.
In late May, the "First Channel" passed in Natssovet registration documents subject of information activities. At the same time, the television director, "First Channel. World Network Nikolai Dubova said that during the consultations and negotiations with Natssovetom produced a set of measures that would lift all restrictions on the broadcast channel in Ukraine.
Earlier, Ukrainian authorities have demanded that the Russian TV channels wishing to broadcast in this country, to bring its broadcasting network in accordance with local laws.

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