Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Egyptians will promote moderate Islam from space.

The group of Sunni Muslim preachers and theologians of the oldest universities in Cairo, Al-Azhar University, said the creation of a new satellite channel, which will promote moderate Islam, as well as clarification of misunderstandings of radical Islamists. That was reported by Associated Press on Wednesday, June 3.
According to the AP, the news of launching the new channel came a day before U.S. President Barack Obama to the Islamic world with which the U.S. leader will speak in the capital of Egypt on Thursday, June 4, during an official visit.
As the Agency, Sheikh Khalid Al-Guindi, one of the participants start channel "Azhari" (Azhari), assumes that the misinterpretation of Islam will be "mediaborbu" university graduates.
"Our channel will promote the idea that Islam - a moderate religion that extremism is not inherent. There are dozens of satellite channels, which clog the heads of young people ideas about the strict interpretation of the Koran. Extremism grows here," - Sheikh explained, adding that the channel created by private donations, and will adhere to an independent editorial policy.
Reported that "Azhari" will begin broadcasting in mid-August 2009. In the program grid will transfer in both Arabic and English (later scheduled to broadcast in Turkish and Hindi). The satellite signal will be able to take the audience in Europe and Southeast Asia.

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