Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The creators of "Smeshariki" awarded the State Prize.

   Creators child transmission "Smeshariki" Anatoly Prokhorov, Salavat Shayhinurov and Ilya Popov awarded the State Prize for achievements in literature and the arts for 2008. On this June 5, RIA Novosti reported.
Anatoly Prokhorov is the artistic director of the Smeshariki, Ilya Popov - General Producer and Salavat Shayhinurov - Set Designer. Transmission was established in the framework of the federal target program "The formation of an attitude of tolerance and preventing extremism in Russian society." In Smeshariki "no negative heroes.
The winner gospremii for humanitarian action launched the first woman cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova. Valentina Tereshkova develop and maintain a system of cultural relations of Russia with the world, "- commented on the Prize, Deputy Chairman of the Council for Culture and the Arts under President of Russian Federation, the Hermitage director Mikhail Piotrovsky. In different years Tereshkova headed the Soviet Women's Committee, the Presidium of the Union of Soviet Societies of Friendship and Cultural Ties with Foreign Countries, the Bureau of the Russian Association of International Cooperation and the Russian Center for International Scientific and Cultural Cooperation.
Previously, it was reported that the winners of state prizes for achievements in science and technology in 2008 became the director and co-founder of Kaspersky Labs Evgeny Kaspersky, astrophysicist Dmitry Varshalovich and virologist Joseph Atabekov.
Presentation of state awards will be held on 12 June, the Day of Russia. All winners will receive five million rubles.

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