Monday, June 29, 2009

On the Azerbaijani journalists brought a case of extortion.

In Azerbaijan, a criminal case against several journalists, who are accused of extortion. About IA Trend.
Earlier, a complaint to law enforcement agencies contacted the owners of the cafe Guba district (the north). According to them, the journalists demanded of each entrepreneur in a thousand mantas (more than 1.2 thousand dollars) by threatening otherwise to publish compromising his information in the press.
It was found that the extortion involved the editor in chief of the newspaper "Yeni Azerbaijan Dunyasy" Shahlar Veliev and chief editor of "Guneshli Azerbaijan" and "Ganun and gercheklik" Eldar Askerov. Both were summoned to testify, and, reportedly, already have pleaded guilty. Were they arrested, the agency did not specify.
The newspapers "Yeni Azerbaijan Dunyasy and Ganun and gercheklik included the Azerbaijani Press Council to the list of" media-racketeer "(an updated version of the list of recently published APA). The list was reportedly caught the media "irresponsible related to the principle of privacy, injurious to the honor and dignity of people."

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