Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oliver Kahn will be reality shows.

The famous German football goalkeeper Oliver Kahn from Thursday, June 18, will become the leading reality shows in one of the Chinese TV channels. This writes the Chinese newspaper China Daily. The theme of the show will be the selection of the best young goalkeeper in China. The winner will receive the right training at the German Football Academy.
40-year-old Kahn, three times the best goalkeeper of the world, will work with a group of young goalkeeper at the age of 17 to 24 years, including two girls. The Show will consist of ten episodes. How Can get to work on Chinese TV, not reported.
According to Kana, the main principle on which he will select the best in the new reality show, participants will be able "to keep the strike after the lesions.
Currently, China's soccer team is on the 98 th spot in the FIFA ranking, below the prefabricated Cape Verde and Iceland. In 2002, the Chinese played in the World Championships, but did not pass the group stage. In the qualifying tournament FM-2010 China's national team played poorly and lost the chance to participate in the world championship in South Africa.

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