Thursday, June 25, 2009

Italian goskanal accused of silence scandal surrounding Berlusconi.

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   The head of Italian state broadcaster RAI Corporation criticized the news editor of the main channel for corporations silence of sexual scandal, which became the hero of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. On this June 25, writes newspaper The Times.
Chapter Broadcasting Corporation Paolo Garimberti in an interview with the editor of a news channel TG1 Augusto Minzolini expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that in news releases has so far not reported the charges against Berlusconi, who nominated the former model, Patricia D'Addario. Recall D'Addario June 17, reported to the prosecutor's office, that business partners 72-year-old prime minister to pay 1000 euros to be entertained Berlusconi at his residence.
Minzolini in response to claims Garimberti said that the accusations against Berlusconi, "full of allusions, and justice has not yet been proven. According to Minzolini, in connection with the TG1 has decided to take a "reasonable position", not covering the scandal.
Meanwhile, The Times notes that Minzolini previously worked in the magazine "Panorama", which is owned by Berlusconi. The publication adds that the three largest commercial channel, Italy, owned by Berlusconi, to refrain from reporting a sexual scandal, or just referred to it very little.
Meanwhile CNN reports that Berlusconi, June 25, again denied allegations made by Patricia D'Addario. Premier announced that he had "never paid for her and never knew how to have fun, if missed the joy of conquest." Earlier, Berlusconi has called the word D'Addario "dirty lie."
History D'Addario - not the first scandal, in which Berlusconi has been involved in recent months. In May, the premier was charged in connection with an underage model Noemi Leticia, as well as the use of the Italian Air Force planes to transport guests to the villa. In June, Prime through the courts has made the ban on the publication of paparazzi photographs, which were showing his naked guests. When this information appeared in the press, the wife Veronica Lario Berlusconi announced its intention to file for divorce.
According to CNN, despite recent developments, the Prime Minister's rating remains high: it supports more than 60 percent of Italians.

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