Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shut down the magazine "Russian Life".

KommentariiSluhi smerti29.05.2009Do closure of the magazine "Russian Life" is two nomeraZhurnal "Russian Life" has ceased to exist. About this portal OpenSpace in an interview with the Chief Editor Dmitry Olshansky. According to him, the main reason for the closure of the magazine were financial difficulties.
Olshansky said that despite the more or less-established marketing edition, "Russian Life" remained on the market of periodicals unnoticed, because no part of a major publishing house, do not represent the well-known brand and did not belong to a "formatted" popular media.
Meanwhile, Glavred magazine said that it was ready to resume publication. "We are open to any opportunity to continue the magazine in any form by any structure, which it could be interesting", - quotes the portal Olshanski.
In an interview with OpenSpace journalist said that opening the "Russian Life" two years ago, he did not expect a serious commercial success of the magazine. According to Olshansky, the main difficulty associated with the issuance of this publication in Russia was that it was originally bound for the commercial failure, as the financial success of the country "could be solely and exclusively, any stuff."
Rumors that the "Russian Life" may be closed, appeared in RuNet in late May. Soon, this information confirmed - it turned out that the wording is preparing to release the last two numbers of the edition. Number of June 3, 2009 became the 55 th on the account and went under the symbolic title of "Death."

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