Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A former Newsweek journalist, described the conflict in the family of Obama.

A few years ago, conjugal relations Barak Obama and his wife Michelle have been corrupted because of the policy, the Associated Press. Future First Lady United States was very unhappy selfishness and careerism of her husband, whose vinyl in the cold and ingratitude. This and other details of the biography of American President described in his book "turncoat: becoming President" (Renegade: The Making of a President), published by journalist Richard Wolf (Richard Wolffe).
Wolf, a former member of the magazine Newsweek, writes that by 2001, when the light was the youngest daughter Sasha Obama, Barack and Michelle did not speak. Even in 2004, when Obama made a second - this time successful - attempt to win a seat in the Senate, Michelle was still negatively related to political activities of her husband and did not become involved in the campaign.
At the time, when Obama decided to run for president, Sasha and her older sister had grown up Maliya and wife of Senator with a greater readiness to assist the husband to a political struggle. During the presidential campaign of 2008 the author of "renegades" worked as a correspondent for Newsweek in the White House, and Obama himself suggested that he write a book, providing access to its neighbor circle. In an interview with CNN channel, Wolff said that the proximity to the Democratic candidate does not undermine its objectivity as a journalist.
In the book Wolf describes, in particular, normally cool Obama during the campaign was outraged at criticism from former President Bill Clinton and, later, nervous because of the reservations of his partner, Joe Biden.

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