Thursday, June 18, 2009

Major series of scientific journals completely abandoned the paper versions.

American Chemical Society (American Chemical Society - ACS) has decided to refuse the issuance of paper versions of their journals. A new policy announced ACS portal Nature News, the journalists who read the letter from the internal correspondence of society.
The reason for the transition to full network was constantly falling number of subscribers ordered printed version of the magazine. Accordingly, the issue of "normal" magazines become less and less worth the money.
Rejection of paper versions will be gradual. Since July 2009 all the ACS journals will come in the form of dvuhstarnichnyh booklets, which will be collected by a short version of the article. In the same condition will be issued only to the main journal Society Journal of the American Chemical Society, and two magazines, which publishes reviews - Accounts of Chemical Research and Chemical Reviews. All subscribers will be sent to the recommendation to move to a subscription, which includes only the online versions of journals. Since 2010, all the ACS journals will be available only online.
According to most experts interviewed by journalists Nature News, ACS initiative is an absolutely legitimate and inevitable. " Vylozhennaya online information much more accessible than the information contained on the pages of paper logs. Online versions of journals provide much more extensive search capabilities than traditional magazines (eg, search for keywords in a few years). In addition, to produce weblogs much cheaper than paper, but on the cost of printing directly affected the cost of subscriptions.

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