Monday, June 1, 2009

"Kommersant" were forced to refute the information about the owner of "Faina".

KommentariiVse svobodny05.02.2009Epopeya hostage by pirates Ukrainian vessel "Faina" zavershilasSyuzhetyZahvat pirates Ukrainian vessel "Faina" 19.02.2009Ukrainsky Ombudsman gave the crew "Faina" Kyiv Court of Appeal allowed the claim of Deputy Minister Transport and Communications of Ukraine Igor urban to the newspaper "Kommersant-Ukraine", in which he sought to recognize the false information that he allegedly owns the vessel "Faina". ProUA reported with reference to the press service mintranssvyazi.
An article about the Somali pirates seized vessel has been published "Kommersant-Ukraine" 15 October 2008 under the title "Greek bulk carrier Faina could be Ukrainian."
The article stated that the urban supposedly is the general director Kaalbye Group, which owns "Faina". In addition, a source at the Transport Ministry told the publication that the urban "has long been familiar with an Israeli citizen Vadim Alperina, which the media was also called the owner of the vessel.
According to the court, "Kommersant-Ukraine" in the next issue to publish a rebuttal in the same place where the published article "Greek bulk carrier Faina could be Ukrainian." When it should have been issued the rebuttal, not reported. The decision was taken on May 20.
Dry cargo "Faina" on board were 17 Ukrainians, three Russians and one Latvian citizen, was seized by pirates Sept. 25, 2008 off the coast of Somalia. The ship was carrying tanks, grenade launchers and ammunition. Shortly after the capture of a heart attack on board the Faina "died captain, Russian Vladimir Kolobkov. The vessel was released on Feb. 4, 2009 after paying a ransom.

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