Friday, June 26, 2009

Russian Sosmopolitan and Men's Health will be sold in the PDF.

   Russian versions Sosmopolitan and Men's Health in the near future will be sold in electronic form via the Internet. On this June 26, writes the newspaper Vedomosti, citing the statement of the Vice-President of the Russian representation of company Zinio Ruslana Hromina.
Zinio Company specializes in distributing PDF-versions of glossy magazines on the internet. Zinio sells around the world of electronic versions of a total of 2.5 thousand magazines. In 2008, the Company's revenues amounted to more than 18 million dollars.
Vedomosti writes that Sosmopolitan and Men's Health will be the first Russian-language journals, which will be distributed by Zinio. Then, according to the newspaper, the company will begin to distribute other journals publishing house Independent Media Sanoma Magazines (IMSM) and Gameland. The agreement with Zinio IMSM has already signed a contract with Gameland prepared.
However, information on the site The Ebook, the first Russian-language edition Zinio released in spring 2009. This magazine Fashion Collection, which publishes the Major Media. Offer to subscribe to the electronic version can be viewed on the site log.
According to Vedomosti, online journals are 25 percent cheaper than their print versions. Zinio receives 10 to 50 percent of the cost of sales numbers.

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