Monday, June 8, 2009

Half of the users Runet disappointed in the media coverage of the crisis.

Every second Russian unhappy with the way the press covers the economic crisis. About IA "Finmarket" on Monday, June 8, with a link to an online survey conducted by Nielsen, which specializes in marketing research.
65 percent of Russian Internet users believe that the media is not enough to inform them of the reasons that led to the crisis. 30 percent of respondents believe that the media do not help them understand what issues affect the global economy. However, 30 percent of respondents are satisfied with the way the media covered the crisis, 40 percent of participants in the study could not determine.
With regard to how the Russian media coverage of the authorities to deal with the crisis, 28 percent of Internet users believe that the media helped them better understand what the Government was doing to address the economic problems. 35 percent dissatisfied "explanatory" coverage, the remaining respondents had difficulty with the answer.
As the IA Finmarket, every fifth Russian Internet user believes that the news about the economic crisis too many.
In January 2009, VTsIOM conducted a survey which found that 38 percent of Russians were dissatisfied with coverage of the crisis in the media. Earlier, in December 2009, experts of the Fund "Public Opinion reported that 45 percent of Russians were dissatisfied with coverage of the economy in the media.

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