Thursday, June 25, 2009

Divisions Russian Armed Forces obzavedutsya own media and television.

Large motorized tank brigade and the armed forces of Russia will soon obzavedutsya own publications, the "Russian Newspaper", with reference to the State Secretary, Ministry of Defense Nikolai Pankova.

Some publications will be organized on the basis of the existing division of newspapers. In the army they left about a dozen, and almost all of them need serious re-engineering. But will also be established and the new newspaper.

With offices all districts and fleets will also be a staff of TV and radio. Finally, all military units in the future will be deployed, as Pankov, "Internet sites".

In parallel with the organization of new editions of the military Department of Defense of Russia intends to reduce the number of officers in the military and the media, instead of them there to recruit civilian journalists, informs "the Russian newspaper".

According to one reported in the district and the naval newspaper "military" will remain only as Chief Editor, on the other, even the editor-in-chief will have to go to the citizen.

In the main paper of the Ministry of Defense of the "Red Star" of the 72 officers only 18 remain. Among them, Chief Editor, Deputy Editor, Secretary and editors of the leading departments.

Decreases post-Planck-war journalists "Red Star": they can dosluzhitsya only to a senior lieutenant or captain. The only polkovnichya post - Editor in Chief.

As the "Russian Newspaper", it is not clear what will happen with the special department of the Moscow Military University, who is preparing a military journalist. According to some reports, will offer its graduates to work in military publications civilian journalists.

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