Monday, June 15, 2009

A Moscow journalist seized SUV and phone Vertu.

In the north of Moscow at night on Monday, June 15, robbed the journalist, working in one of the metropolitan newspapers. As reported by RIA Novosti, citing sources in the police, the woman, whose name is not called away car Range Rover Sport and the bag with money and other valuables.
According to law enforcement authorities, the robbery occurred after midnight on the Boulevard Matroos Zheleznyak. For victims who have to park the car, approached two men and pulled out her bag, after which the journalist was forced to withdraw from the car, got into his own and left.
Other agencies reported that the robbers were three. According to his data, the injured journalist 28 years, she worked at JSC Revision newspaper Moskovskaya Pravda. "
Specified that in the bag with the girl lying instruments, gold watches, Vertu phone, and 10 thousand rubles. The total damage caused by robbers, is estimated at three million rubles.
In the police believe that the criminals followed the journalist before the attack.

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