Thursday, June 11, 2009

The company will resume FOX show "Futurama."

Television Comedy Central and the company Twentieth Century Fox Television have concluded a contract for the establishment of 26 new episodes of animated series "Futurama", broadcast by FOX company ceased in 2003.
The first episode of the new season of the series, which continues to tell about the adventures of Fry, a pizza peddler of the 20 th century, wakes up one day in the 30 th century, will be released in mid-2010.
This is not the first revival of the series, showing that was previously terminated. Thus, in 2002, FOX showed last season "Griffin", and then resumed its broadcast of the series in 2005 based on high rates of sales of series on DVD.
Production of new episodes, most likely, will be the creator of the original series Grouning Matt (Matt Groening).
Recall that the "Futurama" mostly takes place in New York, New York in the 30 th century. Fox Network series was broadcast from 1999 to 2003. It was released four seasons. In addition, several full-length versions dropped the series, which have been issued on disc media.

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