Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Peylin forgave Lettermanu joking about the pregnancy.

The Governor of Alaska Sarah Peylin accepted apologies David Lettermana TV, transmits Associated Press. The politician expressed hope that the apology Lettermana, roughly joked about her daughter, will help change public attitudes to joke about the sexual exploitation of minors.
June 9 broadcast of his "Night Show" Letterman commented on unflattering Peylin, style, which he likened to the style of "whores, Hostess," and jokingly said that the daughter of the governor during the baseball game had become pregnant from one of the team "Yankees." Joke about a daughter Peylin sparked outrage in the United States, where it was found that at the New York Game "Yankees" to which Letterman said, the Alaska governor was accompanied by her youngest daughter - a minor Willow.
Senior "Night Show" admitted that he was referring to another daughter Peylin - Bristol, which had already turned 18 years old, and the pregnancy that much has been said during the election campaign of 2008. The responsibility for the misunderstanding caused Letterman entirely assumed.

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