Thursday, June 11, 2009

TV channel Russia Today has started to work with CNN.

TV channels CNN and Russia Today started working within the framework of CNN World Report, says a press release the Russian TV channel, received the "Lentu.Ru.
The goal is that within the framework of this cooperation in the air CNN will broadcast scenes RT. The first feature shown on the air of the American Canal, was made a correspondent for RT hollow Slier (Paula Slier) and called "Prisoner of Guantánamo". It covers the former inmates of Guantanamo Kazima Abu Bakr (Abu Bakr Qassim), who stayed in camp for almost five years without formal charges.
Draft CNN World Report was created in 1987. As stated on the website project, its purpose - to show viewers around the world, as other countries look at themselves from the outside.
Prior to that, in the CNN World Report was attended by nine Russian TV - the First Channel, "Expert-TV, RBC-TV, Internews Network," Network NN ", NTV Mir," Kuban-TV and radio-TV. "

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