Thursday, June 4, 2009

Site NTV accused of copyright infringement.

In the Arbitration Court of Moscow the claim of the LLC "Infoks-Interactive (information site to NTV. The lawsuit stated that its object is the protection of intellectual property, the amount in dispute - five million rubles.
As explained by Internet blog chief editor of a site Alexander Pisarev, this edition of the claim is going to break from the television broadcast of someone else's content without the authorship, but with the words "published on the Internet."
According to Pisareva, this method has been applied previously NTV, a high amount of compensation due to the fact that the channel broadcasts in multi-audience, so the site has suffered the most damage.
In an interview with Glavred noted that the proof of the claim will be the audio, which was posted on the site, and then aired in a late edition of the "Today" television channel NTV, without reference to Pisarev, however, is not explained what the recording and release of a "Today" is at stake. The site it does not specify.
Reported that the site did not hold pre-trial with the NTV dispute settlement procedures, and immediately appealed to the court. "With this trial we wish to bring to the attention of television, that all information in the Internet, even if it's just a blog post, is the author" - explained Alexander Pisarev.

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