Friday, June 19, 2009

Russian TV channels to pay for music.

Russian Authors' Society (RAO) has made from pay channels songwriter, writes the newspaper "Vedomosti" on Friday, June 19. A total of 2008 channels RAO pay about 617 million rubles.
RAO director Igor Bazilevsky told the publication that the company has signed agreements on copyright payments to VGTRK and holding "ProfMedia (channels MTV, TV3 and" 2x2 ").
Earlier VGTRK RAO paid half of the contributions due for the year 2007 140 million rubles (gosholding referred to the loss of income). In November 2008, the society filed for VGTRK in court, demanding repayment of debt, and even enlisted the support of Sergei Naryshkin, who then headed the presidential administration. In December 2008 the parties signed the settlement agreement and, more recently, as reported in "Vedomosti", agreed on the payment for 2009.
Agreed, the author's use of music for 2008 VGTRK will cost approximately 100 million rubles, and for 2009 - a little less. Vedomosti noted that initially RAO expected to amount to four times larger. The press service VGTRK publication explained that in the air gosholdinga significantly increased the number of information transmission, with no music, which also affected the decrease in payments.
RW agreed to reduce the amount of payments and the copyright for "ProfMedia, although in early 2009 as required by its channel of more than 20 million rubles for 2008. Final payments Igor Bazilevsky did not call. Source Vedomosti, close to "ProfMedia, argues that it is a fixed amount that is less than one percent of the revenue channels.
According to Bazilevskaya have not yet resolved the question of copyright payments only to the channel DTV (included in the SPC Media).
After 1 January 2008, which entered into force on the fourth part of the Civil Code, which regulates relations in the sphere of intellectual property, RAO gosakkreditatsiyu received for the collection of fees in favor of the authors.

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