Thursday, June 11, 2009

Japanese TV Korean mixed holiday with his son Kim Jong Il.

Japanese television channel TV Asahi on June 11 withdrew the picture, which the previous day was presented as an exclusive photograph of Kim Jong Una - the son of the leader of DPRK Kim Jong Il and his possible successor. Reported AFP.
TV Asahi The statement referred to "a high probability that this picture of another man."
According to the AFP, Channel withdrew the photo after the 40-year-old construction worker from South Korea's Bae Bom Sok (Bae Seok-Bum) said the South Korean Agency Renhap "that it is his picture, taken last summer and published on the Internet. According to Bae Seok-Boma, he laid out the photo in one of the online community to show others how it is similar to Kim Jong Il.
In television, for its part, explained that the reporter received a digital photograph of a South Korean officials. He then showed a picture "other sources", which stated that the 90 per cent, Kim Jong Un.
Pictures were shown on-air TV Asahi on June 10. During a photo with the sunglasses were removed, and at their place of imposed eye photo North Korean leader. Thus Japanese TV wanted to show you a preview of the son of Kim Jong Il is now.
Earlier in the world press has appeared only one photo of Kim Jong-Una, where he shot another kid.

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