Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In Germany, the newspaper came out with Hitler at the front.

In Berlin, German newspapers have begun selling the 1930's, including Nazi, wrote on Tuesday, 13 January, The Times. In the newspaper with the headline "Hitler was a reyhskantslerom!" was brisk demand.
The event was organized by the British publisher, Peter MakDzhi (Peter McGee) and a group of German historians from the Berlin Center for the Study of anti-Semitism. Editor project Paveronshitts Sandra (Sandra Paweronschitz) explained that now the Germans can "get acquainted with the news of the times of their fathers and grandfathers." The action, according to organizers, is purely educational in nature.
Now in Berlin sold three pereizdannye German newspaper, dated 30 January 1933, on the arrival of Hitler to power: gebbelsovskaya newspaper "Attack" (Der Angriff), a conservative German newspaper universal "(Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung) and the Communist" Boyets "(Der Kampfer) . Newspapers printed special attachments, which contain explanations and comments of historians. The price - 3.9 euros.
As part of an organized campaign is scheduled to reissue some 150 German newspaper released until 1945. It is noted that the British publisher Albertas (owned MakDzhi) received from the authorities of Germany, a special permit for the project because of the country completely banned demonstration Nazi symbols, such as the swastika.
However, as noted by The Daily Telegraph, many observers in Germany believe that now, when many countries are anti-Israeli statements because of the military operation in the Gaza Strip, the publication of anti-Semitic articles Goebbels was totally inappropriate.

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