Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sarkozy denied the French public television advertisement in prime time.

Starting from Monday, January 5, state television France will cease to broadcast commercials in prime time, that is, from 8 o'clock in the evening, writes British The Daily Telegraph. The measure is part of Nicolas Sarkozy to reform the French public television.
According to the publication, earlier, Sarkozy has repeatedly said that its purpose is to state television France was "the same quality as the BBC". The French leader also plans to establish the Government the right to appoint the head goskorporatsii France Televisions, which includes, for example, channels such as France 2 and France 3. Loss of TV advertising revenues, according to Sarkozy, would be offset by the budget.
Sarkozy's main claim to gostelevideniyu is that in the pursuit of ratings, that is, in fact, the budgets for advertising, public TV stations produce more entertainment programs and serials, documentaries and educational rather than transfers.
  Opponents of reform, Sarkozy, as noted by The Daily Telegraph, believes that if its implementation is not excluded return to the past, when the government completely controlled French television. Indeed, some observers have called the program Sarkozy lobbying interests of private broadcasters, who are interested in increasing its advertising revenue (from the loss of advertising budgets to them).
According to the publication in the near future, the trade unions of workers gostelekanalov will hold a series of strikes in protest against Sarkozy's reforms. It is possible that the strike of France 2 will begin on Tuesday, January 6.
Earlier, the head of France Televisions, Patrick de Károly (Patrick de Carolis), Sarkozy has called the proposal "stupid and unfair", but in December last year, he changed his position and ordered the removal of advertising from the state teleefira, without waiting for legal clearance program Sarkozy.

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