Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A newspaper Kommersant replaced the chief editor.

The main editor of the newspaper Kommersant became Azer Mursaliev, previously held the post of deputy chief editor. This "Lente.Ru" told the director of Foreign Affairs Demyan Kudryavtsev.
Former Glavred Kommersant Andrei Vasilyev retain the post of chief-editor of the publishing house. It clarifies the agency Interfax, the decision to appoint Mursalieva to the editor in chief took the board of directors. "This scheme is nothing new. This configuration has been in our publishing house in 2005," - Andrei Vasilyev told reporters.
According to Demian Kudriavtseva caused reshuffle is that before Vasiliev as before chief editor of publishing house, in the coming year are a few problems on which he must concentrate.
Vasil'ev joined PH "Kommersant" in 1990. In 1996, he moved to ORT, and in 1999 returned to the publishing house and became the chief editor of the newspaper Kommersant. In June 2005, he was relieved of his post, and in April 2006 led by the Kiev newspaper editors. In September 2006, Vasil'ev again became the chief editor of Kommersant. Azer Mursaliev to 2005 headed the foreign policy department of the newspaper.

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