Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kirghiz analogue radio "Freedom" was unable to go on the air.

Kyrgyz Radio Azattyk (similar to the Russian radio "Freedom") refused to renew a suspension on the public channel, as the authorities of Kyrgyzstan as a prerequisite required to allow them to get acquainted to the preliminary reports " Kommersant.

The Board of Governors of Radio Azattyk "viewed the claims as unacceptable. Representatives of Kyrgyz opposition, for its part, claimed on the actual imposition of censorship, noting that even under the previous President Askar Akaev, who was forced to withdraw after the revolution "tulip" in 2005, "Azattyk" is not closed.

Radio continued to broadcast on short wave via satellite HotBird and AsiaSat, but the band does not cover the whole territory of Kyrgyzstan, in particular the southern regions of the country. Thus, the audience Azattyk "fallen many times.

As noted by Kommersant, the authorities initially claimed that the cause of the broadcasters' Azattyka at goskanalah became indebted companies, but then made it clear that radio is too critical of the government cancels.

CEO of National Broadcasting Company (NTRK) Kyrgyzstan Melis Eshimkanov said in this connection that the "Azattyka" can be a cause for claims and litigation, but the defendant in this case will not Azattyk ", and NTRK, which provided public radio channel. The only reason for the suspension of broadcasting "Azattyka at goskanale in October 2008 became, in his words, the fact that radio does not want to accept responsibility for their products."

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