Monday, June 1, 2009

Member of Bulgarian reality show has died in the shootings.

Member of Bulgarian reality show "Lost" (Survivor) died during the filming taking place in one of the Philippine Islands in the Pacific Ocean. This is with reference to the Philippine police said on Monday Associated Press.
The cause of death of 53-year-old Noncho Vodenicharova become a heart attack. Doctors tried to save the lives of Bulgarians, but despite their efforts the man died. Produced by TV said that the results of medical examinations, which regularly hosts the contestants, Vodenicharov was found completely healthy.
According to the Bulgarian edition of The Sofia Echo, deceased Vodenicharov in different years of life was stuntmen and singer, and most recently was the mayor of the city Radnevo in southern Bulgaria.
Reality show "Lost" was first shown on American television, and then right on shooting a TV purchased the TV in other countries. Participants of the show left the organizers to "a desert island, compete with each other in various competitions, many of which require extraordinary physical training. In Russia, television known as "The Last Hero", to which the various seasons become public, people, and ordinary Russians.

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