Monday, June 1, 2009

Susan Boyle came to the hospital after the defeat in the competition of talents.

Scottish housewife Susan Boyle (Susan Boyle), losing in the finals of TV "Britain's Got Talent" ( "Britain is looking for talent"), came to the hospital with a nervous breakdown, wrote on Monday, 1 June, the British newspaper The Sun.

Contestant was taken to hospital from the hotel room in London, where she lived at the time of preparation for the finale. According to the Organizing Committee, physician Boyle recommended her to take a break and relax a few days. "

48-year-old Boyle gained popularity after the performances in the first round of competition, where she performed the song "I Dreamed A Dream" from the musical "Les Miserables" ( "The excluded). Video presentations Boyle became a hit on YouTube.

Boyle considered the main pretendentkoy to win in the finals of the competition, which was shown live on Saturday 30 May. However, viewers gave the victory of a group of dancers "Diversity", Boyle placed only on the second place. After the announcement of the results of the vote Boyle congratulated the participants of "Diversity" and stated that "won the best".

Winner of "Britain's Got Talent" is awarded a monetary prize of 100 thousand pounds, as well as the opportunity to speak at a concert in the presence of British Queen Elizabeth II. Despite the fact that Boyle lost, writes The Sun, she could receive up to 8 million pounds from advertising contracts, issuance of the single, the writing of biographies and selling the rights to screen its history

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