Friday, March 13, 2009

Brother Anastasia Prikhodko submit to the court to "MC".

KommentariiMamo (chki) 08.03.2009Rossiyu at Eurovision in Moscow will present the Ukrainian pevitsaNazar Prikhodko, brother of singer Anastasia Prikhodko, which will represent Russia at Eurovision 2009 "will give to the court for "Moskovsky Komsomolets" for material published on 12 March "Anastasia Prikhodko:" Hitler was a human. "Nazar said Prikhodko Interfax that the article contains" false information, discrediting him and his family.
Prikhodko announced that its interests will be represented in court Vadim Uskov.
Chief editor of "MK" Pavel Gusev prokommeniroval Prikhodko statement read: "Very well, let him cast - the court to find out the truth."
Kyiv Anastasia Prikhodko won in Russia's qualifying round of Eurovision-2009 "on 7 March. March 12, in the material "MC" were given some statements the singer made it to the days of participation in the "Star Factory - 7. First, Prikhodko insulted singer-mixed Cornelia Mango, and secondly, discussing the "rightness of Hitler" in a national matter. The newspaper also mentioned that the brother of Anastasia Nazar "seen in the marches and actions of ultra-UNA UPDF.
Following the article Nazar Prikhodko through the press, made a statement that "never was and not the state nor the party UNA-UPDF nor in other similar organizations, and absolutely do not share their beliefs."

On the same day, March 12, Anastasia Prikhodko also made a statement to journalists. Quotes from leading RIA Novosti. In particular, she acknowledged that "really allowed to" Star Factory "very angry, saying in an incorrect address Cornelia Mango ... There is no racism in my head then was not only the emotions with which I have not done."

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