Monday, March 30, 2009

Ukrainian media have begun to struggle for the right to publish in Russian.

Ukrainian association of publishers of periodic press (UAIPP) made against the Verkhovna Rada a bill on mass media forced to move to the Ukrainian language.
In the treatment UAIPP said publishers are concerned that attempts to impose on readers' consumption of information in specific languages.
According to the publishers, this is done against the will of the people to read in Russian.
In addition, the authors believe that the bill "contradicts the basic provisions of the rights, freedoms and regulate economic activity in Ukraine and in Europe."
Publishers have warned that the law on moving the media into the Ukrainian language in the country will lead to the dismissal of 20 thousand people and non-budgeted 250 million hryvnia.
  "The introduction of language standards in the press will lead to some shortages of Russian newspapers and magazines that would reorient readers to the Russian media, and this is especially dangerous on the eve of elections" - pripugnula authors of the controversial bill UAIPP.
Ukrainian publishers made the draft law "On State language and minority languages", registered in the Verkhovna Rada deputy of BYUT Yuri Gnatkevichem.
Under the provisions of this document, all Ukrainian media - and print and electronic - should move to use the state language.
For information Gnatkevicha to 90 percent of all newspapers in the country are published in Russian.
"We need to get respect for the native Ukrainian language and speak it. And an enormous educational role in this played by the media", - explained the author of the bill, explaining the need for its adoption.

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