Friday, March 20, 2009

Michael Jackson обиделÑÑ to compare with the Irish fighters.

KommentariiA not lopnesh? 13.03.2009Maykl Jackson will gather at their concerts in London, a million chelovekMaykl Jackson appealed to the organizers of their tour company AEG Live complained to offend his show on the air Radio 4 corporation "Bi - BBC, "writes the British Mirror.
Pop singer обиделся on top of The Now Show, who discussed on the air, the return of the phenomenon of the 1980's they seemed worse prospect: Michael Jackson or the IRA (the radical group the Irish Republican Army).
Jackson's representatives said he was very upset over "cold-blooded killers." Manual AEG Live will review the complaint and may require a formal apology from the show. The publication notes that the speech caused a major complaint, and by the conventional slushateley.Organizatsii who call themselves successors to the IRA, in the March 2009 attack on a British military base, as well as the murder of a policeman.
Michael Jackson announced the decision to return to the world scene in March. His first appearance after a long hiatus due to take place in July.

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