Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Former Governor of Illinois will radioveduschim.

SyuzhetyKorruptsionny scandal surrounding Governor Illinoysa03.03.2009Rod Blagojević write a book
   Accused of corrupt ex-governor of the U.S. state of Illinois, Rod Blagojevic, will lead the Chicago radio station WLS. On this March 24, reports Associated Press.
Blagojević program will go in the morning on Wednesdays. The former governor will tell different stories, to talk with invited guests in the studio audience and receive calls. On the subject of transfers has not yet been reported. Meanwhile, in February in an interview with WLS Blagojević announced desire to reveal the direction of Illinois. He accused politicians of adultery and alcoholism.
In January, when Blagojevic had not been dismissed by the Governor, WLS offered to him in the event of dismissal to start his own show on weekends. Then Blagojevic has refused to accept the offer.
At the end of 2008 Blagojević was accused of trying to sell seats in the U.S. Senate, released after the transition Barack Obama for president. Also suspected of extortion of bribes from businessmen. Governor was arrested and later released on bail. In late January 2009, Illinois lawmakers have announced Blagojević impeachment and forbade him to continue to hold any public office in the state. Sam Blagojević denies all charges.
In early March Blagojević announced its intention to October 2009 to write and publish a book about the "dark side of politics."

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